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#6 Living Forward

When I got the final report back from my doctor, he was giddy as he walked in with a great report. When I returned home there was a surprise celebration by the neighbors and the Beckerings gave me this tee shirt. The combination of faith, prayer, good nutrition and good medicine all were used to allow me to live. Here are a few of the things I did to help when I was going through the chemo and the trial drug.

  • Cut back greatly on any sugar.

  • Organic everything

  • I took Camu (a certain vitamin C) that helped along with a “Green Sprouts” vitamin that gave me nutrition I needed and helped me deal with the chemo.

  • I also took green tea extract pills, Omega 3 with high DHA concentration, immune support vitamins and a certain Black Tea vitamin that has science behind it to help fend off the many intruders into my system.

  • I did not drink any alcohol during the entire 5 months except for two occasions when we knew it would not interact.

By the way, I am still doing most of the above except I do like an occasional Dairy Queen and a cookie!

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